Cool, Calm & Collected


The ultimate program for equestrians to help you get out of your head and back enjoying your horses!

Imagine if...


You were able to trust yourself and all of the work you have done with your horse...

You could ride your horse in new places as well as you do at home or with an instructor...

You were able to follow your heart and enjoy your horses again...

You had a way to safely process the "what if's" that run through your mind...

You had mindset tools that you could use at any moment to help you stay present...

You naturally leant towards the possibilities and believed in yourself...

You didn't worry about what other people thought of you and just did what felt right to you and your horse...

...without forcing yourself through uncomfortable situations, pretending that you're 'fine', ignoring your fears or succumbing to the fact that you'll never be as brave as you used to be?


Here's the problem...

This is how most people try to overcome their fears:
  • They ignore how they feel and push themself through it (even if it terrifies them)
  • They place all of their trust in an instructor without actually trusting themselves or understanding what they are doing
  • They dismiss past events that caused them to develop concerns instead of addressing why that situation might have happened and how they can mitigate that from happening in the future
  • They give up on doing the thing that scares them even though their heart desperately wants them to do it

Eventually, these riders give up. I don’t blame them! Feeling lost, terrified and like something is wrong with you sucks. And knowing that you have an amazing horse, but you just can't overcome the "what if's" that loop in your mind and the fear running through your body can be soul-crushing….

 But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

Hi, I'm Felicity

I founded the Confident Equestrian Program, a horsemanship program where I mentor equestrians to teach them exactly how to help their horse feel more confident in ANY environment. But, I have noticed that there is a huge need for another option to help riders really back themselves and allow themselves to enjoy their horses.

I know first-hand how debilitating it can feel to be stuck in your head and struggle to trust yourself. And to make yourself feel even worse, it really sucks when these thoughts appear when you deep down feel like you know what to do. It's like if beating yourself up was a job, I would have won awards for it in the past....eeeek! I really did think that something was wrong with me.

I had spent years diving into self-development and was focused on setting goals and tracking habits, BUT I didn't realise that there was a deeper reason why I was struggling to follow through with what I wanted to do. And that deeper reason was all to do with my subconscious thoughts and beliefs. 

My subconscious mind was controlling over 95% of my behaviours, so it's no wonder that just trying to consciously make myself do things was a huge struggle! I then had a life-changing session with an NLP Practitioner and have dived into a range of healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique and have never looked back. I trust myself SO MUCH MORE NOW and have tools I can use at any moment to help me come back to the present and enjoy my horse should I ever get stuck in my head again. 

It changed my life so much that I became a certified NLP and EFT Practitioner to complement my horsemanship teachings. And I can confidently say that this work will change your life, just like it has my own life and my clients' lives. Now I want to share some of this work with you through this program, Cool, Calm & Collected. 

Who is Cool, Calm & Collected for?


✅Horse owners who have a broad range of knowledge and/or feel competent with their horse but are struggling to trust themselves and get out of their head

✅Horse owners who want to let go of any conditioning that they have held on to so they can enjoy their horses at a deeper level

✅Competitors who want to perform at their best in the ring and feel amazing about it

❌This program is NOT for people who are wanting to learn about horsemanship. I will be sharing steps you can take so that you can stay safe but I won't be teaching you how to execute them. If you want more support in this area then check out The Confident Equestrian Program :)

What's The Process?

Over 5 prerecorded sessions, I will guide you through the following topics:


1. Feeling Motivated To Work With Your Horse

First, we discuss what gets in the way of you feeling motivated to work with your horse.

Then we do 3 EFT tapping sessions covering:

  • How to let go of being worried about ruining your horse
  • Releasing your guilt around not doing 'enough'
  • Being consistent and trusting the process

2. Feeling Confident In The Saddle At Home

First, we discuss what gets in the way of you allowing yourself to feel confident in the saddle at home.

Then we do 3 EFT tapping sessions covering:

  • How to let go of being worried about getting hurt (by a horse that has hurt you in the past)
  • How to let go of being worried about getting hurt (if you haven't physically been hurt by horses in the past)
  • Letting go of having a not so good horse day

3. Capturing The Horsey HIgh & Allowing Yourself To Enjoy The Journey

First, we discuss how good it feels to have that horsey high and how we can capture it so we can access it on demand!

Then we do 3 EFT tapping sessions covering:

  • Tuning in to have an amazing ride
  • Riding at your best at a competition
  • Enjoying the journey

4. Setting Yourself Up For Success: Riding & Taking Your Horse To New Places

First, we discuss how you want to feel when you take your horse somewhere new and what stops you from feeling that way.

Then we do 3 EFT tapping sessions covering:

  • Releasing worry around floating/trailering your horse and setting yourself up for success
  • Letting go of worrying about what other people think
  • Thinking positive instead of worrying about the worst-case scenarios

5. Staying Calm In Emergency Situations & Being Kind To Yourself

First, we discuss how it feels to go through an emergency situation or event where your horse is injured.

Then we do 3 EFT tapping sessions covering:

  • Staying calm in an emergency situation
  • Letting go of feeling terrible if your horse gets injured/is injured
  • Tapping on trusting yourself

By The End Of Cool, Calm & Collected You Will:

  • Understand why you feel resistance or fear around your horse and how to learn from it and let it go
  • Allow yourself to enjoy the journey and have fun with your horse again
  • Trust yourself and your ability to set yourself and your horse up for success
  • Feel much more confident and motivated to do what feels right for you and your horse
  • Have tools that will allow you to ride at your best in different situations
  • Have 15 amazing tapping videos that you can access at any time to help you move through whatever you are feeling (it will be like having a friendly friend in your ear reminding you that it will all be ok and that you can enjoy yourself!) 

Get instant access to Cool, Calm & Collected now!


$333 AUD



Are you ready to safely let go of your what if's and enjoy your horse?