Felicity Davies is a Horsemanship, Mindset, Intuition & Business Mentor, the Equestrian Perspective Podcast Host, Author and a horse lover from Australia.

Through her transformative online experiences, she has created life-changing results for over 1000 horse and human combinations around the world. Her specialty involves empowering equestrians to get unstuck and form incredible relationships with themselves & their soul-horse/s from a physical, emotional and spiritual lens. She loves creating transformative experiences for people by weaving together her background in horsemanship coaching, human design, EFT tapping, NLP, animal communication, intuitive healing, Lazaris Nerve Compression Release and business.

Compassion is at the forefront of her work, as she deeply understands what it’s like to lack confidence, struggle with behavioural problems with your horse, not know where to start, come from a competition background, explore compassionate horsemanship from all angles and successfully come out on the other side whilst honouring your horse's emotions and your own each step of the way. She is truly an embodiment of everything she teaches and walks the talk.

Dedicated to supporting equestrians and giving horses a voice, Felicity has been featured in the Equestrian Hub Magazine and on the Ridley platform, as well as on popular podcasts like The Whole Horse and The Equestrian Connection by WeHorse. She has also been commissioned to host a masterclass for Racing SA Thorough Care to assist owners of retired racehorses to prepare their horses for their next career.

When she is not trailblazing paths for heart-centred equestrians, Felicity is filling up her cup by hanging out and training with her beautiful herd of horses, enjoying nature, spending time with loved ones and diving deep into a topic or hobby that her soul feels called to.

And if you're wondering about her cosmic makeup, she's a Virgo sun, Gemini moon, Capricorn rising, 5/1 emotional Manifesting Generator (which, let's face it, makes a lot of sense!). 

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Client Feedback

"I can't even put into words how much you've honestly changed my life. When I joined CEP I was looking for a way to improve my horsemanship skills for all my horses. Yet I've gained so much more than that & I've become so calm, confident & understanding with all of my horses, myself & in my everyday life. I show up so differently, I feel so much happier & I've learnt so much about myself. The mindset shifts & perspective changes I've experienced over the last four or so months have been so transformative. I finally feel as though I'm living the life I've always dreamed of I'm just so thankful & grateful to you & your amazing programs! In these past few weeks I've just felt so aligned & really wanted to share this with you!"

- Louise

"Gosh it is interesting looking back on life at certain points in time and realising how far you have come! I have JUST had this experience with Felicity Davies at the end of my Confident Equestrian program. Looking back at the goals I had set for myself and my horses 6 months ago…watching it played back to me I feel like I am watching a stranger, so great has been the transformation! Thank you Felicity for your coaching in this course. I now know I am for my horses someone they can easily predict and therefore trust. They are calm, I am calm and we are all content! AND they are definitely more beautiful to handle and ride! "

- Nerida Richards

"I can't recommend Felicity Davies and her work enough! I originally decided to do her CEP program to help refine my groundwork abilities and problem solve s few critical areas with my horse. I had no idea that I was actually getting incredible equine & life coaching! The 1:1 coaching has been invaluable! Not only is my horse relaxed, calm and incredibly more confident; Felicity has helped me work through several huge mental and emotional blocks with riding but also career and personal relationships. This has been one of the best self-development courses I have taken. If you're considering, I would highly urge you to take the leap. You just never know the magnificent ways your life can transform." 

 - Dr. Tracy Rainwaters