Hi, I'm Felicity and I am so excited that you're here!

I blend the physical, emotional & spiritual to empower you to deepen your connection with yourself & your soul horse.

If you are ready for your next transformative experience, you are in the right place.

I cannot wait to get to know you and the horses in your life. :)

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I pulled an Equestrian Oracle card for you..."You Are Powerful"

"How amazing is it to think back to all of the unbelievable experiences that you have had in your life? The perfect things you now own that once were just a dream? Or the beautiful thoughts that flow through your mind with ease? You have manifested all of this. How powerful is that?

Through setting an intention, having unwavering faith that what you want is yours, believing that you deserve it 100% and not settling for anything less, you can literally create anything you want in your life. 

You know that you are never a victim of your circumstances. They are just showing you the areas where you can heal, deepen your trust and allow yourself to align with exactly what you want. Then you just sit back, follow any action you feel inspired to take and trust that the universe is working out how to bring it all together. 

This card is calling you to hone in on your vision. After all, that dream was planted inside of you for a reason. It’s time to place your order with the universe, sit back, enjoy your life and know that it is on its way."

Felicity x

The Equestrian Oracle

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