Offerings From My Heart To Yours


If you are ready to get unstuck with your horse and/or take your connection to the next level so you can amplify your joy together - you will thrive in Connected!

You'll receive compassionate horsemanship AND mindset knowledge, tools and support. Plus you'll be immersed in an incredible community full of like-minded people.

Investment: From $99 AUD / month (approx $65 USD/Euros)

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Masterclasses & Courses to explore at your own pace

How To Help Your Horse Feel More Confident & Relaxed

In this 90-minute masterclass, I talk you through the what, why and how behind helping your horse (and yourself) feel more confident and relaxed

$33 AUD (approx $20 USD/Euros)

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Activate Your Self-Trust 

This one-hour masterclass will provide you with practical steps on HOW you can trust yourself with your horse and activate that feeling deep inside of you.

$77 AUD (approx $50 USD/Euros)

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Trailer Loading

This 75-minute masterclass outlines all the steps you need to take to set yourself and your horse up for success in the trailer in a way that honours your own and their emotions.

$77 AUD (approx $50 USD/Euros)

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Overcoming Separation Anxiety 

This 90-minute masterclass will explore what separation anxiety is, why it shows up and what you can do to help your horse feel more confident away from their friends.

$77 AUD (approx $50 USD/Euros)

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Cool, Calm & Collected 

AKA my amazing EFT tapping program where I will guide you through safely letting go of the "what if's" that run through your mind so you can get back to enjoying your horse!

$333 AUD (approx $212 USD/Euros)

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The Confident Equestrian Program [self-study]

Learn how to help your horse and yourself feel more confident in ANY environment. Equestrian Essentials, Groundwork Foundations & Exposure Training.

$999 AUD (approx $650 USD)

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Mentorship Experiences Currently Open For Enrolment

[Private & small group]

Connection Reading
[private session] 

A one hour horse & human energy reading and healing session.

This session is perfect for you if you have a solid horsemanship approach BUT something energetically is blocking your connection with your horse and you would love to explore it and heal it at a root cause level.

Discover | Alchemize | Evolve

Please message me on social media if you are interested in booking a session.

A new small group experience is coming soon

 Compassionate Horsemanship | Mindset

If you are interested in a custom private mentorship package focused on mindset, intuition and/or business, with an equestrian flair of course, please message me on social media and we can discuss options.

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