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Learn exactly how to help your horse (and yourself) feel more confident in ANY environment!


✅You have a really sensitive horse, and you would love to be able to help them feel more relaxed in different environments

✅Your horse is quite unresponsive and shut down, and you want to help them open up and feel comfortable again

✅You want to improve your horsemanship skills and build a better relationship with your horse built on trust

You want to set your horse and yourself up for success so you can go to different environments with ease

✅You want to feel confident and empowered around your horse 

✅You want your horse to enjoy training sessions and hanging out as much as you do

If one or ALL of these resonate with you...

The Confident Equestrian Program is going to change your life in all of the best ways!

"It's a course for absolutely anyone who wants to set themselves up with a skill set that will last for life!"

The Plan

You will receive immediate access to my Equestrian Essentials, Groundwork Foundations & Exposure Training horsemanship courses.

You'll watch video lessons at your own pace and dive into homework exercises to complete either on your own or with your horse!

1: Equestrian Essentials 


We'll break down how horses learn and how to train them to do literally ANYTHING! You'll strengthen your relationship, refine your communication and learn principles that you can apply to help you in ANY situation, with ANY horse! We'll also reveal why your horse acts adversely and how to reframe those moments so that you can remain calm and focused in any moment.

Theory videos covering:

  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Strengthening your relationship
  • Motivating your horse without force
  • Positive reinforcement pathways
  • How to teach your horse to do any behaviour
  • Refining your communication
  • How to read your horse
  • How to correctly desensitise your horse
  • Staying calm in any situation

2: Groundwork Foundations


We'll put what you learnt in module 1 into action, teaching your horse how to yield to the lightest pressure, mirror your body language and strengthen their ability to emotionally regulate. This will form the foundational groundwork patterns that you can use to help your horse soften and relax in any situation!

Step-by-step and theory videos covering:

  • Head down
  • Standing still
  • Leading consciously
  • The backup
  • Targeting
  • The forequarter yield
  • The hindquarter yield
  • Circling
  • Drawing to the block
  • Forming groundwork patterns 

3: Exposure Training On The Ground


You’ll learn how to desensitise your horse to any object on the ground, without them exploding or overreacting! Instead they will learn to respond to different levels of pressure (movement, noise, approach and touch) feeling relaxed and confident.

*This process is done very slowly in a way that honours the horse's emotions. Click here to hear more about why I like desensitising and how I do it

Step-by-step and theory videos covering:

  • Approach, touch, noise & movement elements
  • Introducing the elements using R+
  • Increasing the environmental pressure
  • Approaching stationary objects
  • Trailer loading
  • Leading exercises
  • Desensitising while moving your horse 

4: Exposure Training Under Saddle


You’ll learn how to transition from desensitising from the ground to you riding in the saddle. You will feel confident and know how to ride your horse through moments of tension and your horse will begin to trust that you can help them. Then we’ll systematically increase the environmental pressure and you’ll be riding around random objects calmly and confidently.

Step-by-step and theory videos covering:

  • Introducing the tools under saddle
  • Riding exercises
  • Riding past stationary objects
  • Increasing the environmental pressure under saddle
  • Diffusing difficult situations 

5: Exposure Training: Navigating Different Environments


We'll troubleshoot every possible scenario you may come across when you are competing or in a new environment with your horse. Then I’ll help you form a personalised strategy and step by step plan so you can help your worried horse relax in any situation, so you can consistently perform at your best!

Theory videos covering:

  • Going to new environments
  • Troubleshooting different situations

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  • Lifetime access to the incredible Confident Equestrian Program covering the Equestrian Essentials, Groundwork Foundations and Exposure Training courses that will leave you feeling SO EMPOWERED! (approx 20 hours worth of content!) 


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SAVE $114

  • Lifetime access to the incredible Confident Equestrian Program covering the Equestrian Essentials, Groundwork Foundations and Exposure Training courses that will leave you feeling SO EMPOWERED! (approx 20 hours worth of content!)  

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Are you ready to change your horses life (and your own)? 


CEP Empowers Horses & Riders

CEP works for show & dressage riders, showjumpers, eventers, liberty enthusiasts, clicker trainers, trail riders, beginners, those lacking confidence, those with sensitive/spooky/rearing/shutdown/quiet/young horses and everything in between. 

*The testimonials below are from clients who have completed CEP AND had an additional 12 weeks of mentorship with Felicity Davies.