Learning about your nervous system and subconscious is a game changer if you are a growth-minded person (which, let’s face it, if you are reading this - you totally are)!

It gifts you the key to giving yourself and others (including your horse) true grace and compassion because it allows you to deeply understand your behaviour.

When you pair this with tools to help you regulate your nervous system and align your subconscious beliefs with your goals, you can overcome any resistance you face in your body and your mind.

Just imagine how different your life would look if you knew how to support yourself and others in this way….incredible.

However, so many people talk about nervous system regulation and subconscious support and yet when these words are used, do you actually know what they are referring to? Do you know about these parts of your body and how they function? 

If you don’t or you are feeling drawn to dive deeper, I would absolutely LOVE to teach you about this part of your body that controls over 95% of your behaviour unconsciously, AND I’d love to equip you with tools you can use to support yourself and others to create the change you desire and feel really fucking good about it. 

If you are heart-centred equestrian who is ready to...

❁ Understand why you and others might unconsciously feel anxious, irritated, blocked, stuck and reactive AND learn how to support yourself and others to come back into your body and feel a sense of peace

❁ Learn how to expand your capacity to take the steps you need to take to achieve your goals whilst honouring your body 

Deepen your understanding of coregulation so you can do this even more powerfully with your horse and others, allowing them to support you when you need it and allowing you to support them when they need it

❁ Connect the dots between your beliefs and behaviours and where they came from so you can develop more compassion for yourself

❁ Learn different techniques to support you to reprogram your subconscious so your beliefs align with your future vision, allowing you to bring that into your reality with more ease and flow

The most potent class is waiting for you…

Introducing The Alignment Masterclass.


A 2 part Masterclass series that will invite you to explore...

Your Nervous System: You will learn about how your nervous system functions to gain more compassion for yourself and others. Plus, you will learn how to regulate your nervous system and expand your capacity to feel relaxed, joyful and aligned with your goals.

Your Subconscious: You will learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can align with your ideal self.

Each class is approximately 90 minutes, and you can watch them either in full or in easy-to-consume segments :)

Plus, you get lifetime access to this class, and should you choose to upgrade, you can credit your payment towards epiphany in the future. 


$144 USD

approx $236 AUD



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