Embrace your energetic blueprint, connect with your souls essence, understand your behaviour & align with your hearts desires.

Compassionate | Grounded | Trusting

 If you are ready to...

‚ĚĀ¬†Manifest more time with your horse where you feel connected, in the moment and go with the flow

‚ĚĀ¬†Spend more time out of your head and back in your body so you can listen to your intuition and feel your emotions

‚ĚĀ¬†Understand¬†yourself and embrace the way your energy naturally wants to flow through learning about your unique energetic blueprint

‚ĚĀ¬†Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can effortlessly align with what you want

‚ĚĀ Understand how to connect with, feel, listen to and transmute your emotions

‚ĚĀ¬†Identify your strongest intuitive senses and connect with¬†them to help you make the most aligned decisions for you¬†

‚ĚĀ¬†Embrace your authenticity and stay in your own lane

‚ĚĀ¬†Develop a deep sense of compassion for yourself and others

Through the lens of Human Design and personal growth for equestrians...

Then you are going to absolutely thrive in epiphany!

You know that connecting on a deeper level with your horse requires you to connect on a deeper level with yourself.

However, if you are still feeling perplexed by your own behaviour and wondering if you will ever learn to truly trust yourself, I want you to know that you are so much closer than you think.

This is because awareness is always the first step.

You know about the power of listening to your intuition, connecting with your emotions and going with the flow.

And I know you want to be moving through life in this way (ideally yesterday if possible haha)!

BUT as you may be noticing, it is easier said than done.

You have moments that feel aligned, but soon after, your mind is flooded with shoulds, self-doubt and comparison.

You are left questioning if what you are doing is the ‚Äėright‚Äô way for you and you have so many how‚Äôs running through your mind that are unanswered.

Part of you wishes that there was some sort of framework you could lean on to help you better understand yourself and trust your alignment.

Well, I’ve got you!

The epiphany experience

Over 7 incredible modules you will explore the following through the lens of Human Design and personal growth tailored for Equestrians:


MODULE 1: Understanding Your Energy Type 

You will learn about the 5 different energy types in Human Design so you can better understand how you naturally express your energy and you can understand the differences between your energy type and those who have a different energy type.

  • Topics covered:
    • Grounding Meditation
    • What is Human Design & Energy Types
    • The 5 different energy types¬†

MODULE 2: Your Nervous System 

You will learn about how your mind and nervous system functions to gain more compassion for yourself and others. Plus, you will learn how to regulate your nervous system and expand your capacity to feel relaxed and joyful. 

  • Topics covered:

    • Grounding Meditation
    • The Nervous System¬†
    • Contemplation Questions
    • Tapping on aligning with your future self

MODULE 3: Your Subconscious 

You will learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can align with your ideal self 

  • Topics covered:

    • Introduction to the subconscious
    • Feedback loops
    • Reprogramming your subconscious
    • Identifying a limiting belief
    • Connecting with your bodies wisdom
    • Aligning with your future self
    • Tapping on aligning with your new belief

MODULE 4: Connecting With Your Emotions

You will understand what emotions are, how you naturally feel them based on your Human Design chart, how to listen to your emotions and how to transmute them.

  • Topics covered:

    • Emotions, feelings & sensations
    • Core emotions
    • Defined/undefined emotional centre in Human Design
    • How to feel, listen to & transmute your emotions
    • Contemplations & connecting with your emotions tapping

MODULE 5: Embracing Your Intuition & Learning How To Make Aligned Decisions For You

You will learn about the different ways we can receive intuitive messages and tap into what is naturally activated within you and what intuitive gifts are highlighted in your Human Design chart.

  • Topics covered:

    • The different types of intuitive messages you can receive
    • Authority types
    • Defined/undefined Sacral, Spleen & Ego
    • Contemplations & tapping on embracing your intuition

MODULE 6: Authentic Expression

You will explore your personality style as it pertains to Human Design through your profile and perspective arrow. This will give you a great understanding of your learning style, how others perceive you and how you naturally manifest. Plus, you will learn about the themes of each remaining energy centre in your Human Design chart.

  • Topics covered:

    • Profiles
    • Undefined/defined - Root, G-Centre, Throat, Ajna, Crown
    • Manifestation

MODULE 7: Epiphanies

You will be guided through a channelled experience led by Felicity to support you to integrate and reflect on your journey through epiphany. It will be a beautiful way for you to continue deepen your epiphanies and contemplations.

  • Topics covered:

    • Definition
    • The core elements of Human Design
    • Meditation to align with your strategy & authority
    • Tapping on living in alignment


Are you ready to deeply understand yourself and welcome in more self love?


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