Are you ready to understand your horse on a deeper level and feel incredibly empowered?


✅ Refine your communication with your horse and strengthen your relationship

✅ Learn how to support your horse and yourself to overcome adverse behaviour and address the root cause (because let's face it, it's never just 'behavioural')

✅ Equip yourself with a Compassionate Horsemanship principles based structure that allows you to feel incredibly grounded whilst still having plenty of room to flow

✅ Take your self trust, self compassion and connection with your bodies wisdom do the next level

✅ Reconnect with your intuition and open yourself up to a beautiful world of guidance.

✅ Form a foundation that allows you to access all the wisdom you have collected along the way and use it in a way that feels aligned for you and your horse

If ALL of these resonate with you...

You will LOVE Equestrian Essentials!

"I can't believe how much I've learnt and that literally in like 15 years of horses no one has ever explained these things to me"

Equestrian Essentials

I am obsessed with this course and truly believe it is a MUST for every equestrian. It gifts you the structure and principles you need whilst offering you loads of space to intuitively flow and connect with your truth. 

When you sign up you’ll receive instant (and lifetime access) to 5 hours of clear, potent and practical Compassionate Horsemanship theory based videos.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set yourself and your horse up for success
  • Strengthen your relationship
  • Motivate your horse without force
  • Understand different positive reinforcement pathways
  • Teach your horse to do any behaviour
  • Refine your communication
  • Read your horses body language
  • Correctly desensitise your horse (in a way that honours their emotions)
  • Stay calm in any situation
  • Apply my problem solving cheat sheet

As you make your way through each video you will receive:

  • Loads of validation for what you intuitively felt called to do all along
  • Aha moments that will allow you to fill in knowledge gaps (that perhaps you didn't even know you were missing!)
  • Principles that you can implement immediately and adapt to align with what feels right for you and your horse
  • Clarity on the what, why and how behind how others form an amazing relationship with their horse and teach them to do incredible things, allowing you to realise that this IS possible for you too
  • Guidance on how to support your horse and yourself to overcome adverse behaviour through addressing it at a root cause level (physically, emotionally and spiritually)


Join Equestrian Essentials today!


$188 USD

[approx $290 AUD]

The LIVE experience also includes weekly LIVE group calls (5 in total) throughout May to support you on your Compassionate Horsemanship Journey!

The calls will be on Wednesdays at 10am AEST for those in Australia // Tuesdays 8pm EDT for those in the US. If you cannot make it live, that is absolutely ok - you will receive access to the replays and they will be awesome!

Topics we will explore together: Releasing perfectionism, boundaries, your horse as your mirror, honouring your journey, strengthening your intuition AND SO MUCH MORE!

The calls will be an amazing mix of guided meditation, mindset work, Q&A, teaching, community connection and you will go in the draw to win prizes (because who doesn’t love some external motivation to get the ball rolling!).

PLUS alongside lifetime access to Equestrian Essentials, you will receive 6 months access to the live call replays.

It is going to be amazing!



$144 USD

[approx $217 AUD]


Success Stories

From clients who have been through Equestrian Essentials, Groundwork Foundations and Exposure Training. Plus, they had an additional 12 weeks mentorship with Felicity Davies.