Are you ready to understand your horse on a deeper level and feel incredibly empowered?


✅You want to teach your horse to respond to the lightest cues

✅You are ready to understand exactly how to plan your training sessions (so you never have to feel stuck again)

✅ You want to increase your confidence levels and form a clear vision of exactly how to work towards your goals

✅You are ready to form an amazing connection with your horse and understand them on a deeper level

✅You want to learn the basics of desensitising and exposure training

✅You want to learn how to use food rewards with your horse in a way that aligns with your goals

✅You want to know how to motivate your horse without using forceful levels of pressure

✅You are ready to know the principles you need to understand so you can truly feel empowered with any horse in the future

If one or ALL of these resonate with you...

You will LOVE Equestrian Essentials!

"I can't believe how much I've learnt!"

Equestrian Essentials

In Equestrian Essentials, I will teach you how to strengthen your relationship with your horse, refine your communication and learn principles that you can apply to help you in ANY situation, with ANY horse! I'll also reveal why your horse acts adversely and how to reframe those moments so that you can remain calm and focused at any moment.

Approximately 5 hours of theory videos covering:

  • Set yourself up for success
  • Strengthen your relationship
  • Motivating your horse without force
  • Positive reinforcement pathways
  • How to teach your horse to do any behaviour
  • Refining your communication
  • How to read your horse
  • How to correctly desensitise your horse
  • Staying calm in any situation
  • Your Problem Solving Cheat Sheet

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$223 AUD

[approx $149 USD]


Success Stories

From clients who have been through Equestrian Essentials, Groundwork Foundations and Exposure Training. Plus, they had an additional 12 weeks mentorship with Felicity Davies.