Are a heart-centred entrepreneur who is ready to...

❁ Align with the frequency of your soul business so you can amplify your magnetism and abundance

❁ Unleash your creativity and self-expression so you can create offerings that feel true to your soul and attract the people you desire to support

Share your message and offerings with your community in a way that feels expansive and congruent to you

❁ Expand your reach, take up space and own your magic

❁ Feel worthy of receiving the clients that light you up, money that supports you and opportunities that call your name

Cultivate a business structure that can support you now and flow with you as you grow and evolve

❁ Honour yourself each and every step of the way physically, emotionally and spiritually

Then you are going to absolutely thrive in frequency!

Heart-centred entrepreneurs, it’s time to tune into the frequency of your soul business and let yourself shine.

You know you have magic to offer. You are ready to take the next steps to make this your reality, and you’re ready to do it in a nourishing, sustainable and profitable way that feels so freaking good. 

Picture this…you follow your intuition and join frequency. On the first week of April 2024, you are invited into a private group community where you introduce yourself and share your business dreams, and you witness others doing the same. It feels so grounding and expansive to be a part of a group with similar values, interests and goals.

You are excited to embark on a journey to explore nine different modules over nine weeks. These modules combine beautiful meditations, clear teachings, activating transmissions, cleansing mindset work, and contemplation time to allow you to holistically support yourself and your business from a physical, energetic, and emotional lens. You know you thrive being a part of the group's momentum and you are ready to set solid foundations in your business and take aligned action. Plus, you love that you have the option to ask questions and receive personalised feedback. It’s go time.

In Module 1, you explore the frequency of your magic. You are guided to tune into your soul's essence, your gifts, your capacity, and your vision. This allows you to anchor into the path you currently feel called to follow while leaving you a beautiful framework you can return to time and time again as you continue to grow and evolve. It feels so good to connect with yourself on a deeper level and be held in a space where others can reflect your magic back to you. 

In Module 2, you connect with the frequency of your incredible offers. You learn about different types of offers you can create (in person and online), how to structure them in a way that grounds you while leaving you room to be creative, and how to convey the value of your offer with ease, making it irresistible to your soul clients. You get to work mapping out your offer and it feels amazing seeing it all come together. 

In Module 3, you anchor into the frequency of your value. You know deep down that your value is not measurable because you are freaking amazing, but in this module, you immerse yourself in the value you bring to the table and the value of your offerings. You shower yourself with recognition and truth so you can show up with conviction and price your magic in a way that allows you to feel abundant. Plus, of course, you learn all about money mindset and are equipped with tools to help you clear out any money blocks holding you back and processes to help you intuitively price your offerings. You decide on your price points, and it feels so dang good.

In Module 4, you dive into the frequency of your magnetic marketing. You learn about branding and different ways to market your offers (online and in person). From there, you tune into how you wish to show up and spread your message so your people can effortlessly find you and connect with your beautiful offers, allowing you to create the impact you desire. You love how it feels to know how to mangetise your people to you in a way that aligns with your soul. 

In Module 5, it’s time for the frequency of your soul-led sales. You receive a transmission that guides you to view sales in a completely different that allows you to share in a way that feels aligned for you and invites your people to take action when they feel called to it. Plus, you explore different ways to share your offer, launch strategies, types of buyers and payment systems. And, of course, there is complimentary mindset work to help you anchor into these reframes at a subconscious level, allowing you to share about your magic with so much more ease and joy! 

In Module 6, you tune into the frequency of your connections. You explore the ins and outs of creating a beautiful community and epic client experiences from a physical, energetic, and spiritual lens. Strategy, alignment, systems, processes, workflows, tech options, customer service, energetics, boundaries - you immerse yourself in it all and come out on the other side knowing what feels right for you and your biz. 

In Module 7, you lavish yourself in the frequency of your impact. You get honest with yourself about the impact you desire to create and you explore the options available to expand your reach, such as creating online courses, collaboration opportunities and hosting events. You walk away from this module with step-by-step plans for the different options and get to work to tailor them to suit you and your desires. 

In Module 8, you tap into the frequency of your power. You learn that procrastination, anxiety and overwhelm can all be manifestations of power that is dying to be expressed. You learn how to feel safe to hold your power, activate it, channel it and take up space. Plus, you’re equipped with tools to help you get unstuck and amplify your power at any time. Holy fck it feels good.

In Module 9, you radiate in the frequency of your soul business. You have the opportunity to zoom out and reflect on what you’ve created so far, allowing you to bring everything together and ground into the beauty of the current iteration of your soul business—a business that feels supportive, aligned, and nourishing. Your heart feels so full, and your soul feels so happy. 

As you move through each of the modules, you utilise incredible teachings from The Alignment Masterclass covering The Nervous System and Subconscious to help you support yourself, release anything holding you back and step into the version of you that has a thriving business. You feel really freaking empowered.

And just like that, the frequency experience comes to a close. You feel so proud of your commitment, dedication, and creations. Plus, your connections have elevated both in your business and outside of it and with yourself. You’ve equipped yourself with a timeless business framework and tools to support you as you navigate your journey. You feel confident, free and abundant. You’re happy where you are, and you know that there is still so much to come. 

All because of one expansive decision to tune in and join frequency.  

The first round of frequency is a 9-week live experience.

The 9 live Zoom modules will be on:

  • Mondays at 8pm EDT (US time).
  • Tuesdays mid-morning Australian time (the time will change as daylight savings shifts but it will always correlate with 8pm EDT)

We start on the week of the 1st of April 2024. 

[You will receive instant access to The Alignment Masterclass]

You will also receive access to a private group community for the duration of the experience where you will be able to ask questions related to the session topics that I will answer on our live calls. Plus, you will be able to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs!

If you cannot make it live, that is absolutely okay. You will receive lifetime access to all of the module replays, which will be packaged into a beautiful course! 


Enrolment is currently closed