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Trailer Loading Essentials Masterclass

This 75-minute masterclass outlines all the steps you need to take to set yourself and your horse up for success in the trailer in a way that honours your own and their emotions.

I cover all of the elements involved and an overview of the steps needed for each.

  • Groundwork
  • Environmental training
  • Loading
  • Travelling
  • Unloading
  • Mindset

I also share my thoughts on how to overcome common problems people face with trailering (rushing off the back, refusing to load, pawing etc.).

This class is a must-watch for every horse owner!


Masterclass Feedback

thank you! I feel so much more at ease with myself that these methods align to my values. I needed the change in perspective that this is all a training journey, as opposed to a destination we want to get to immediately.

Thank you for the great ideas! I had a stressful floating session the other day (a practice float fortunately) with my old boy. He has always been a dream traveller but since I had him trucked from Melbourne to the Gold Coast a year ago he has been worried and scrambled on the float 😭 I felt lost with what to do as the all the prior float training I knew was make the outside of the float a bad place and the inside an easy place i.e. circle, circle, circle outside the float. This just made him more stressed and isn't the kind of training I normally do so I felt like I was jeopardising our relationship 😢 Today was a fresh start and a big lightbulb moment! I haven't even taught him to walk past me without moving my feet - the first step to asking him to walk onto the float! So I made him an open "float" and practiced walking in and out of it. Also chilled half way in the float with no stressful moments 🙏 thank you thank you thank you!

I cannot tell you how happy I was to watch the video and feel supported in the decisions I’ve made around loading!

I watched the loading class recently, great advice. I recently changed from trailer to lorry & my young horse wasn’t keen on going in! I used to use a lunge line behind to load but not any more - patience - practise & perseverance!